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July 01 2017

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will chris ever let her live: a compilation

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Dylan O’Brien 
©Eric Ray Davidson // 2014  

June 30 2017


Ok but Spike totally wears eyeliner

How does he put it on when he can’t see his reflection? Somebody else does it. Mostly Angel. “wake the fuck up old man you gotta put my face on” “it’s 3 am” but Angel’s been doing it for years so he’s the go to

Fred used to do it lots too and sometimes she’d wing it and Spike thought it was the best thing ever “now this. this is art” but Illyria doesn’t do it cause she can’t seem to hold the thing without breaking it and that shit’s expensive ok

Gunn tried once. It was a disaster. They don’t talk about it. Lorne has it on video.

Lorne is a fucking God of makeup ok but Spike won’t go to him cause then Lorne’s gonna bring out all the makeup and Spike just wants his eyeliner ok he doesn’t need- wait what’s that brush do

Wesley hates doing it but he’s actually good at it and nobody can figure out why. Turns out Wes had a goth phase. Running from your goth phase is a race you’ll never win Wes. You’ll always be one with the eyeliner.


Wesley and Cordelia melodramatically acting out Buffy and Angel’s love story will forever be my favorite moment in the entire Buffyverse.

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Spike #03: Everybody Loves Spike (2010)

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pride month moodboards

↪ canon lgbt characters [willow rosenberg]

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cutest cutie is cute

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Right. Birthday. Actually, I do have a thing. [A thing. Date?] Nice attempt at casual.

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Top Ten Buffy episodes on IMDB: 
#1: Once More With Feeling

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One of my favorite moments in BTVS.

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You want something nicer?

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Cordelia Chase, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

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i hope evil takes mastercard.
for @myth-taken

June 29 2017

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Fandom + Numbers Ask Meme
∟anonymous asked btvs + 3 [favourite villain]

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Reblog to make a white gay big mad

Reblog to make black queer people feel visible and supported (and also to make a white gay big mad)

reblog if ur a white queer and you aren’t mad

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#mom and dad #protecting their kids

Protectors of wolves. Guardians you might say. Scott gets the big speeches and sweeping declarations, he gets the recognition and the reputation but it’s Derek and Stiles who do the actual work.

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