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May 21 2018

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Giveaway Contest: We’re giving away fifteen vintage paperback classics by Maya Angelou, James Joyce, Jean Rhys, Albert Camus, Shakespeare, and others! Won’t this collection look lovely on your shelf? :D

To win these classics, you must: 1) be following macrolit on Tumblr (yes, we will check. :P), and 2) reblog this post. We will choose a random winner on June 30, at which time we’ll start a new giveaway. And yes, we’ll ship to any country. Easy, right? Good luck!





peter and shuri develop a tradition where if one of them calls out the beginning of a meme, the other person has to finish it. 

he once made shuri yell “your dick is now a noodle” at okoye so she waits until steve finally lets peter hold his shield and yells “THIS BITCH EMPTY” only to watch peter scream “YEET” and fuckin throw the shield through a window

They get Groot in on in it and they both understand him

“I am Groot!”

“I won’t hesitate bitch!”

“They’ve barely known Groot and they can understand him perfectly.” Rocket is both amazed and confused

“Groot how can you know these terran memes? we’ve only been here for two days!”

“I am Groot”

“yeah of course”

“I am Groot”

“Who are you calling old!?”

“I am Groot”

“Those are my crocs”

May 19 2018




tony: i dont go down on women but i expect them to suck my dick and thats how KINGS live

thor a feminist:

fixed it

THANK you. I was so offended for my rich dad.

May 18 2018

May 13 2018

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Mark Hamill shares his and Carrie Fisher’s reactions after learning that Luke and Leia were twins. x

Hahahaha. These two. 😍😍


cameos we simply HAVE to have on season 6:

  • John Mulaney as Detective J.J. Bittenbinder
  • Mark Hamill as Himself
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Dylan O’brien
  • Bruce Willis as Himself

May 12 2018

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Oops, I started a ridiculous challenge.

This is why it’s ridiculous, fyi:

Listen… my entire personal life is fucked… but I have written over 2000 words without using the letter ‘i’ even once… does that count for anything…

This is… I mean. Incredible. But terrifying.

You’ve written over 2000 words with no ‘it’. No ‘ing’. Oh God, no ‘ing’.

You’re a force to be reckoned with.

No ‘it’, no ‘is’, no ‘-ing’, no ‘in’, no ‘I’. I’m on 2,700 words now, and I’m… not sure how I’ve managed to do this. Dialogue is proving the biggest challenge, unsurprisingly. Why did I do this to myself?

So this is going to be like 15-20k when it’s done… um

If I finish this, I will probably count it amongst my greatest achievements.

Op you’re the most powerful person on writeblr right now

That’s good to hear because I’ve lost all semblance of control with respect to every other facet of my life, but


I’m maybe a third of the way through now?? So that’s good???? And now I’m going to have a very relaxing bath??????

I probably have about another 14,000 words to go and honestly, when I hit 10k (the expected halfway point), I’m going to treat myself to writing 100 words of something else that has the dang letter ‘i’ in it

Nearly wept when I realised I couldn’t use the word ‘frantic’ earlier, but

7.5k is my next milestone, and it actually might happen tomorrow, which is unnerving. How should I celebrate??

Getting really bad impostor syndrome today and feeling 95% sure that I will never amount to a thing and will probably never finish this story, and so in response to that dumb brain thought I did this


Suck it, subconscious.

You are a force of nature and I am both impressed and terrified.

Please publish this somewhere when you a e done so we can read it holy shit

I absolutely will!! In other news I hit 10k today and that’s without a thesaurus and oh golly, my poor think-box


This author is a sleeping God among mortals

The Earth fears their awakening into their full powers

Full powers yet to be confirmed, but after a short hiatus, I have returned

When I get to 12k, I might do a very elaborate jig

I really hope the title of your story is “Team.”

May 11 2018


me dropping to my knees to beg literally any network to pick up brooklyn nine nine

May 08 2018

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the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit

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My favorite looks from the Met Gala 2018 - Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

Rihanna in Maison Margiela

Ariana Grande in Dolce & Gabbana

Lana del Rey in Gucci

Zendaya in Versace

May 07 2018


me, randomly, at 3am: i. must clean my room. and try on some outfits. and then i should draw something. it will be beautiful. also i should make a pot of rice ….!!!!!!!! i have never felt this alive

May 02 2018

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People who die Infinity War + funny/ mad posts about the character

April 28 2018

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That’s the mood untill the next May, lads

April 27 2018


You’re all fake as fuck

Tom Hardy has been out here with that ass, and those lips, and those slutty MySpace photos for years. FOR YEARS. But now all of sudden he’s got a hot dog tongue and y’all wanna smash? No. I’ve wanted to fuck Tom Hardy for years. YEARS. You are not welcome on this bandwagon.


andy samberg is married to a harpist and john mulaney is married to a. victorian lampshade maker. the world is so large and strange 


infinity war spoiler but i give you no context

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